Monday, 10. March 1975:

North Hampton, PA, Roxy Theater

Banner Monday, 10. March 1975


Finding My Way
Best I Can
What You're Doing
By-Tor And The Snow Dog
Bad Boy
Working Man
Drum Solo

In The Mood
Need Some Love

Line Up

  • Geddy Lee: Vocals, Bass
  • Alex Lifeson: Backing Vocals, Guitar
  • Neil Peart: Drums


Thanks to Ken for sending the setlist. There's a confusion about the date. lists this show on March 10th, 1975. Here's a report from the Audio-Torrent about the show: "OK, I WAS AT THIS SHOW. The date is March 11th. On the 10th, we were all in our seats waiting for the show to start when an announcement was made that the bands van broke down on the trip down from Canada. With all their equipment in the van the band were unable to perform that night so we were told to come back tomorrow (the 11th). For those who doubt my story. Listen to what Geddy says on the intro to "Anthemn". He says, "Sorry about yesterday, seems like everyone was against us yesterday". He was of course referring to the incident I just described. Now I found out that a Budgie show from the Roxy has survived on two reel tapes. Radio station WSAN sponsored these shows. There were always TWO shows since the Roxy only held 300 people. There was a 6:30 show and a 9:30 show. This recording is the 6:30 show. How do I know? Because Geddy, in introducing the song "Bad Boy" (a Beatles cover) asked the audience if anyone had the Beatles LP the song was on. I was the only person (unbelievable) who raised their hand. Geddy saw it and said, "Only one?". The short set was due to the fact that Slim Pickens played for about a half hour (til 7:00). Took about a half hour to take their equipment off & set up Rush's gear. So they played from 7:30 to 8:30. Now remember, there was a show at 9:30 so they had to get everyone out to let the 9:30 crowd in who were already lined up outside waiting to get in. AGAIN, I WAS THERE. This is how it went down. Believe it or not"

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